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Google Feud is a thinking game that you can play for free on our site. Join the game you will be challenged to answer the question "How does Google autocomplete this query?".

Game Details

For each question, every Google Feud player is given a phrase, a word or a question with a missing ending and challenged to find its common ending. Google Feud's answer is based on what is most commonly searched by Internet users on Google.

The player is allowed to give 3 consecutive wrong answers and the game will stop if the next answer is still incorrect. There are a total of 10 accepted answers and the score you get is based on the popularity of that query. The most searched phrase on Google is the answer that gives you a perfect score of 10000.

Take a specific example as follows, “Is it safe to drink…?”. This is a question and your task is to guess what Google users will search for by filling in the missing part. A possible answer might be a kind of beverage that people potentially wonder if it is safe to drink.

Google Feud does not attract players with the obvious fun or excitement as action games, but it keeps players with wonder and knowledge through each question. 

How to play

You may sometimes be surprised by the answers of Google Feud as you know what other people are actually searching for.

To discover for yourself, read on the specific steps below to play Google Feud online.

  • Pick one from 4 options including Culture, People, Name, and Question. The question will immediately appear in the search box when you have finished selecting the topic.
  • Type the answer into the box and press Enter. You are allowed to give up to 3 wrong answers in a row.
  • For each correct answer, you will get a score of 1,000 - 10,000, which depends on the popularity of the query you find.
  • The game will stop if your 4th guess is still not among 10 accepted answers.

Playing Google Feud let you learn more about the psychology of people searching on Google. What will they look for in terms of Culture? Who do they want to learn about? And what questions bother them the most?

Save our page to play Google Feud online for free anytime.

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