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There is no doubt that chess is one of the most popular board games for two players, played by millions of people worldwide. The game's goal is to checkmate the opponent’s most powerful piece, the King. Mastering chess requires knowledge, experience, strategy, and a little luck.

If you are a fan of intellectual games, then Master Chess is a great choice. It not only helps you to practice your mind but also teaches you precious lessons about life.

What are you waiting for? Jump into the game and enjoy!

Tips and tricks to win the game:

Practice makes perfect. There are no special tips for this game except for your ability and experience as well. Give it a try! If you lose, don’t worry. You have a restart button.

How to play

For beginners, to play this game, you may have some basic knowledge about it. White always gets to go first, and the players alternate turns. Players are allowed to move one piece at a time. The King, a bit special, can move in any direction, one square at a time.

The score at the bottom of the screen shows you how many points you have against your opponent. The opponent’s score is displayed at the top of the screen.

The squares on the board will be highlighted to direct you where you can move them when you pick the chess pieces.


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