Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing

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About Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing

Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing is the most troublesome sport ever. Bring other racers from across the world along as you explore the city track filled with challenges.
You must devise a strategy for getting to the finish line quickly.

The way the road is constructed makes it difficult to maintain your grip and navigate the bends. The cardboard barriers' supple design and loose positioning make them easier to navigate. You need to defeat other rat racers in each level's adventure. To unlock new bikes, collect a lot of awards.

Play entertaining, free games with your friends on your PC, iPad, or smartphone.

How to play

Player 1: 

  • To control, press the arrow keys.
  • N is for "accelerate."
  • To use the item, press "Space."

Player 2:

  • W/A/S/D keys are used to move.
  • Use the item with the Z key.
  • Press R to restart.

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