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Pac Xon is an arcade game based on the classic game named Pacman.

Instead of moving around the labyrinth to collect small little balls, your job is to create a wall that fills the screen as you move. Once the wall is beyond 80% completed, you will move to the next level. Try to avoid the sudden attack of the monster during the playing time.


Inspired by its predecessor, Pacman, it keeps the original sounds and style.

This game has several power-ups that help Pac Xon get through 50 challenging levels.

During the playing time, four power-up types in Pac Xon appear randomly. They are glowing orbs, cherries, peaches, and strawberries. You can take advantage of them to complete your mission.


How to play

Move Pac Xon into the empty area and back to the wall to seize the area.

Do not let the monsters touch Pac Xon and the wall either, or you will lose one life.

Try to grab the power-ups when they appear. They will help you to move faster or they will slow down or stop the monsters.

Once Pacman Xon has filled more than 80% of the area, you can advance to the next, harder, level.

Use your arrow keys to move Pac Xon around the area. He will automatically build a wall along his route of movement.

The number of remaining lives is displayed on the left side of the screen.

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