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About Tube Clicker

Tube Clicker is a fun idle clicker game. Your goal is to become a YouTube star. Come up with the perfect strategy for your YouTube channel to spread globally.

At first, you won't need to put much effort into the construction. A lot of captivating videos must be produced to attract viewers. Your channel will receive millions of views and subscribers.

You can relax after long days at work or school by playing a mindless game. When you get a high score, smart tools will unlock and let you utilize them. To begin making money, tap the video player. You will eventually have money if you continue in this manner.


  • Smooth game
  • Attractive graphics
  • Free games
  • After getting a lot of positive comments on social media, the game will be changed to give players new things to do.

Friends posted a lot of favorable comments about the game on social media. All ages can enjoy it, and you don't lose your progress when you leave. The game's objective is to draw in more spectators each day.

You can add new videos to your channel regularly to attract more viewers and make quick money.
The most engaging new videos attract viewers and followers.
People who care about you will always support and follow you.

What topic do you enjoy? Consult with well-known personalities on YouTube for advice on cuisine, travel, life, or personal growth. In addition, many individuals are interested in the topic of entertainment games.

While performing multiple tasks or domestic duties at once, the game can continue to run in one of your browser tabs. You'll eventually get used to the rhythm of the game and be able to predict when to go back to it.

You receive money from ad income for every new view and subscriber, which you can spend to improve your advertising tools and attract even more attention. 1 million subscribers should be your initial target.

This game is available for free on computers, laptops, and even on iOS or Android.

How to play

Use a mouse to tap

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