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If you are looking for an intellectual game, Spelling Bee is a great choice. This is not only an entertaining game but also an interesting way to learn a foreign language, especially for those who want to improve their vocabulary. Your task is to create the maximum number of words containing 7 letters from the hive. The more words you find out, the more points you get.

The Spelling Bee is suitable for players of every age as long as they have an interest in letters. 
To be the winner of the game, you need to collect as many points as possible for a given round. Spelling Bee is good for developing memory and organizing contests in schools and colleges.

Tips, tricks and strategy:

First of all, you need to look for prefixes and suffixes. For example: with the original word "happy", you may create more words by adding a prefix, like "unhappy", or adding a suffix, like "happier". 

Then, focus on "-ing" and "-ed" endings: if you ever see the endings " -ing" or "-ed", you are lucky. For example, if you find the word "miss" you can build up with "missing" or "missed".

Last but not least, to handle the game, you need to keep your patience. The more you get in a hurry, the more difficulty you find in words.

How to play

To play Spelling Bee, you don't need a lot of skills and strategies. This game requires your brainstorming ability and your accumulated vocabulary.

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